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Garlic Family Groups

Marbled Purple Stripe
Allium Sativum Ophioscorodon

In General

Despite what the name would suggest, Marbled Purple Stripe is just another subgroup below Purple Stripe, no more closely associated (genetically) with Purple Stripe than is Porcelain or Rocambole. It does tend to have stunning purplish bulb wrappers.

Creme de la Rasa.jpg

Creme de la Rasa - Marbled Purple Stripe

However, the cloves within are typically more on the brown side. Marbled Purple Stripes have grown steadily in popularity due to their consistent clove size, consistent taste, dependable growth in the garden and field, and relatively long storage life (six months and more). Some farmers grow nothing but Marbled Purple Stripe; the handsome bulbs being an easy sell and the benefits of an easily cultivated varietal being very attractive from a business perspective.

On the Tongue

Marbled Purple Stripes vary from medium hot to very hot when raw. We grow two cultivars that are on the high end of medium. The best from this family rate somewhere between a Porcelain and a Purple Stripe in flavor and will provide good overall garlic character to many recipes. The "Table Wine" of the garlic kingdom.

In the Field

Averages 6-8 large cloves. Harvests mid-season. More tolerant of wet soil conditions than Rocamboles and some other groups. We find our Marbled Purple Stripes to be dependable soldiers out in the field, strong and confident as they emerge and take root. Growing from Bulbil is particularly rewarding since umbels average 60 usable bulbils each and these grow to be large rounds the first year (we've even seen fully cloved small bulbs in the first year) and in the second year will grow to be nearly as large as mature bulbs.

Cultivars We Typically Carry

Creme de la Rasa.jpg

Creme de la Rasa

Our flagship branded garlic. Creme de la Rasa combines the absolute best of both growing characteristics and flavor. Beautiful bulbs with well defined and large cloves, hardy in the field and the taste of the finest of Rocamboles. Not a scorcher, but a heart and palate melter.

Red Russian.jpg

Red Russian​

A dependable cultivar yielding large bulbs. Consistent clove size (on the large end of the scale) and snappy flavor make it a favorite in many kitchens. Came to us via Heino & Manuela Peters at Roots and Greens in Grindrod. Medium heat.

Purple Russian.jpg

Purple Russian​

Just two years to a large bulb from bulbil, these beauties are a must if you're looking for size in a Marbled Purple Stripe. Like Red Russian, their Purple kin have consistent clove count and character, but may even taste a little better (don't tell the Reds that!)



A good standard Marbled Purple Stripe that made its way to Canada on-board fishing vessels traveling between the northern coast of Asia and Alaska. Well rounded flavors with load of that good allicin for a healthy addition to your diet.



Territorial Seed Company describes it this way, "A powerful hardneck, Metechi delivers robust garlic flavor along with a sharp bite. Raw and fiery hot, finishing with a lasting spice. Cooking will tone down the heat, while still holding that big garlic taste." And we agree.

Kostyns Red Russian.jpg

Kostyn' Red Russian

This exceptional cultivar came to us from Boundary Garlic Farm. For those of you familiar with (and fans of) Russian Red, you'll be delighted with this cultivar, which seems to take the best of Russian Red and go to town with it. Medium heat.

Creme de la Rasa - Seed Garlic
Red Russian - Seed Garlic
Purple Russian - Seed Garlic
Siberian - Seed Garlic
Metechi - Seed Garlic
Kostyn's Red - Seed Garlic
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