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Garlic Family Groups

Weakly Bolting Hardneck
Allium Sativum Ophioscorodon

In General

As is common in botany, where the reason we name a species can be quite linear and simple, the umbel of most Turban garlics looks like a turban, squat and hat-like. They are renown as being the first up in the spring and the first to begin sprouting in the fall, making them a good choice for those who want to spread out their harvest and enjoy some fresh garlic before the rest of the varieties are ready.

China Rose.jpg

Chinook - Turban

Many Turbans have exotic oriental names since this is where they predominate. Chengdu, Lotus, Maiskij, Shandong, Xian... see what we mean? They like their food hot in the orient, which is probably why these cultivars rule. Turbans can be at the top of the heat scale and offer an eye popping experience for garlic lovers.

On the Tongue

As said, Turbans can be very hot, although not always so. Otherwise our understanding is that the flavor characteristics are usually not very complex. We've not explored Turbans beyond our own cultivar, Chinook, as yet and so rely on the reporting of others at this point.

In the Field

Since Turbans are what's called "Weakly Bolting," their psuedostem is fairly flacid. They also mature more quickly than almost any other garlic and give little indication that they are ready for harvest other than quickly going brown and falling over, which means it's too late to catch them before the bulb wrapper is beginning to deteriorate. Watch closely and harvest as soon as bulbing has occurred, at the first hint of leaf browning. Bulbs can be large and cloves average 6 to 10 per bulb. Turbans do well in hot and dry climates.

Cultivars We Typically Carry

China Rose.jpg

China Rose

Beautiful bulbs with purple veins and powerful taste. China Rose has both the fragrance and the looks of its name.



Fresh and crispy, full of mid range flavors and a warm heat. Chinook has been the most consistent producer, so far as the Turban family goes, in our fields over the years.

Deep Purple.jpg

Deep Purple

Extra early to harvest and the most gorgeous purple bulbs you've ever seen. Aromatic, well rounded character. Every gardener and garlic farmer's dream of an ideal bulb. 



A classic Turban with beautiful purple veins and early production in the season.




Aromatic nearly to the point of being floral, but obviously not in a "sweet" way. There a snappy, water chestnut character hidden in there somewhere too. A wonderful representative of the Turban family.

Saltspring Extra Early.jpg

Salt Spring Extra Early

Lite and invigorating like a Romaine lettuce, warm and kindling like a gourmet mustard. Came to us from the generous garden of Bertie van der Mark of Lumby in 2013.



Came to us from Bertie van der Mark of Lumby in 2013. Heat builds slowly but strongly. Hot for a Turban with beautiful bulbs that are on the larger side for a Turban.



A hot one with taste that lingers. A beautiful Turban obtained from Bertie van der Mark of Lumby.

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