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Rasa Blanca


Allium Sativum Ophioscorodon

Personality Profile:

Our second in the line of Rasa branded garlic. A Porcelain with heritage from the Purple Stripe family and so full of the potent healing properties of garlic. Strong but not overly so, with scrumptious garlicky flavor.

Rasa Blanca - Seed Garlic.jpg

Rasa Blanca - Seed Garlic & Umbels

Cloves: Averages 6 large cloves per bulb. While the outer wrappers are brilliant white (hence the name Porcelain) the clove skins often tend toward purple, though they can be white as well.

Bulbils: Porcelains have the smallest of all bulbils, numbering in the hundreds per umbel. Select the largest 50% and plant those if you want good results. Harvest the resultant rounds at the same time as you harvest the bulbs. Even if all the grass like top growth has whithered and blown away, the rounds are still under there, waiting like Easter eggs for you to discover them (that's a hint; kids love to harvest bulbil rounds).


Harvest: Mid-season harvest. The wrappers are pretty sturdy on Porcelains and so the bulbs can stand waiting a bit longer before harvesting, maybe when 50 - 65% of the leaves are browning. Always dig down and inspect the bulbs to make sure they're doing well and use your own judgement. .

Storage: Porcelains are a good storing garlic. Expect 7-8 months.

Pedigree: Rasa Blanca was originally a Purple Stripe that mutated into a Porcelain here at Rasa Creek Farm.

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