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Allium Sativum Ophioscorodon

Personality Profile:

Once upon a time there was a beggar woman with bulbous, moist eyes named Celine, and she could do incredible things with a viola. One fated morning, Celine (who, though hot tempered, was mild mannered) was busking in the Distillery District of Toronto when a traveling merchant fell captivated under her spell. Unable to escape he approached, hat in hand, and stammered, "Um...belle?" (he was French) "would vu like to become fay-mus?" And so the discovery of this "poor-Celine" took place and others began calling to her to play those entrancing tunes, "Music!" they begged, and it was thus that the tables were turned.

Music - Seed Garlic.jpg

Music - Seed Garlic & Umbels

Cloves: Averages 4-5 large cloves per bulb. While the outer wrappers are brilliant white (hence the name Porcelain) the clove skins often tend toward purple, though they can be white as well.

Bulbils: Porcelains have the smallest of all bulbils, numbering in the hundreds per umbel. Select the largest 50% and plant those if you want good results. Harvest the resultant rounds at the same time as you harvest the bulbs.

Growing: A favorite in eastern Canada because of its performance in cold climates and its hardy flavor. A good choice for gardeners and farmers since it is both popular (recognized) and a good Porcelain representative. Slender, regal leaves and a well curled scape. Scape removal is recommended to achieve good bulbing.

Harvest: Mid-season harvest. The wrappers are pretty sturdy on Porcelains and so the bulbs can stand waiting a bit longer before harvesting, maybe when 50 - 65% of the leaves are browning. Always dig down and inspect the bulbs to make sure they're doing well and use your own judgement. .

Storage: Porcelains are a good storing garlic. Expect 8-9 months.

Pedigree: Came to us via Boundary Garlic, and originally came to North America aboard ship with Mr. Al Music, who arrived from Italy in the 1980's. (Sorry, Celine doesn't really exist).

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