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Kostyn's Red Russian

Marbled Purple Stripe

Allium Sativum Ophioscorodon

Personality Profile:

Good ol' uncle Kostyn must have known what he was doing those 30 years he grew this strain on Vancouver Island. Smooth as single malt whisky aged for 30 years in an oak barrel (or maybe Kostyn would prefer vodka) this baby purrs as it slides from throat to belly. Clearly a cousin of Russian Red, perhaps even of the kissing kind, but Kostyn is the femme fatal in this duo.

Kostyns Red Russian - Seed Garlic.jpg

Kostyn's Red Russian - Seed Garlic & Umbels

Cloves: Averages 6 large cloves that are fairly consistent in size (take a look at the cross section in our photo above). The bulb pops easily and there are very few double cloves, which is a great boon to commercial growers.

Bulbils: 40-60 medium sized bulbils per umbel (and another 30-60 smaller ones) which grow into large rounds the 1st year and good sized, fully cloved bulbs the 2nd year. 3 years to full maturity.

Growing: Reliable and strong spring emergence with medium to broad leaves. The scapes does a playful dance rather than curling tightly, so a bed of Kostyn's in Scape season looks like a wavy experiment in bio-pop-art. Scape removal before stiffening does help to increase bulb size.

Harvest: Mid-season harvest. Let those bulbs reach their maximum size by waiting until a good 50% of the leaves are brown. The wrappers on Marbled Purple Stripes (which are an extension of the leaves above) are so thick and strong that you don't need as many to be intact at harvest.

Storage: Good mid to long-term storing garlic. If you plan to use as seed garlic, we recommend gently tearing the wrapper around the stem to allow air down in to the cloves, otherwise the thick wrappers can hold moisture and promote mold. Expect 6-8 months if stored properly.

Pedigree: Kostyn came to us from Boundary Garlic and they got it from Gary Swann of Port Alberni... whose uncle was the now infamous Kostyn.

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