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Tallinn - Seed Bulbs

Non-org TAL L
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Product Details
Horticultural group:: Marbled Purple Stripe (hardneck)
Average number of cloves per large-sized bulb:: 5 to 6
Bulbils per umbel:: 40-60 medium (2 to 3 years to maturity)
Maturation:: Mid-season
Storage:: 6-8 months
Flavor:: Hot and Spicy
Pedigree:: Purple Russian came from a bloke down in Washington and has been grown from bulbil each year under the loving care of an eastern Albertan Hutterite colony.
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Personality Profile:: All dressed up and ready to party, this Purple sports a zoot suit of stripes and splotches that commands the floor and turns every head.

A newcomer given to us by a friend in Northern Germany a couple of years ago. He said, "Tallinn is the most gorgeous, and largest marbled purple stripe we have here in Europe. It's amazing and you simply must have some!" So far, it's proving itself to us. We only have a little to sell, but will hopefully increase our inventory over time.

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