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Great Northern - Bulbs

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Product Details
Horticultural group:: Porcelain (hardneck)
Average number of cloves per large-sized bulb:: 4-5
Bulbils per umbel:: 100-200 (3 to 5 years to maturity)
Maturation:: Mid-season
Storage:: 6-8 months
Flavor:: Intense and aggressive
Pedigree:: Great Northern came to us via Boundary Farm, who got it from Al Pickets of Eureka Farm on Prince Edward Island. It was apparently one of Al's favorites.
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Personality Profile:: Must have been named by a native of the far north, someone who experienced this cultivar's outstanding tolerance of cold and harsh climates. We find Great Northern to be the John Wayne of our Porcelain lineup; honest, tall, a hero with a soft spot for others in need of warmth. Reliable and consistent, we're expanding our stock of Great Northern and hope to offer it in Bulk in years to come.

Our most vigorous grower every year. A great addition to any garden or farm.

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