Workshop Testimonials

"Rasa Creek's workshops are a valuable tool for one starting into the business, the presentations are of the finest quality, given by people who's passion is garlic."
Larry Churchill

"Fantastic day spent at Rasa Creek. Interesting people, interesting subject matter, and a beautiful location. Jim is an extremely articulate and knowledgeable presenter. Lots was learnt!"
Dave Semmelink

How to Farm Garlic Seminar at Rasa Creek Farm

"As seasoned grain farmers, looking to expand into the unique and niche market of garlic, we were finding it difficult to find information on seed, best growing practices, or marketing. Rasa Creek, particularly Jim, immediately and very generously opened up lines of communication answering every question we had, and going far beyond our expectations. Offering his first garlic workshop, we jumped on the opportunity to learn first hand from Jim and are so glad we did! In one day, Jim efficiently covered a plethora of information on the basics of garlic growth, best farming practices, marketing strategies, and was overall open to sharing his farm and previous years of knowledge and skill with garlic. The workshop went above and beyond our expectations. The mix of presentation, discussion, hands on practice and viewing, and networking opportunities has set us in a confident direction for growing garlic ourselves. Jim's personality lends to the enjoyment of this workshop as he offers intelligence, but modesty, genuine kindness, and a passion for this industry. He was incredibly generous with his time and expertise and all in attendance walked away from the day impressed by the extensive workshop he provided. We'll be planning on enrolling for the next one!"
Russell & Shea Mellows

Garlic Growing Workshop Rasa Creek Farm

"I walked in unsure if I was capable of growing garlic commercially. I walked out knowing I could."
Tanya Siepiela

"The team at Rasa Creek has provided me with the tools to become a successful garlic farmer."
John Wells


Growing Garlic Successfully & Profitably

NOTE: New 2018 workshop in Kootenay Bay, sponsored by the KBFA. See below for details and to register.

We are hosting garlic workshops here at Rasa Creek Farm on a semi-regular basis. Check this page for updates on upcoming workshops and to register to attend.

Rasa Creek Farm is a leading supplier of quality organic seed garlic and consulting for start-up garlic farms. From the backyard gardener who grows 800 bulbs to the experienced farmer who grows three acres, garlic is a profitable crop on any scale. Learn precisely what it takes to add—or scale up—your own garlic production.
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1-Day Workshops - Rasa Creek Farm
April 21, 2018: 1-Day Workshop
Sat, April 21, 9am-5pm: Growing & Marketing
13 Seats Available
May 26, 2018: 1-Day Workshop
Sun, May 26,  9am-5pm: Growing & Marketing
12 Seats Available
June 2, 2018: 1-Day Workshop
Sun, June 2,,  9am-5pm: Growing & Marketing
25 Seats Available

All Workshops listed above:
  • At Rasa Creek Farm
  • Includes vegetarian lunch
  • Tuition: $150.00
  • Limit of 25 participants

1-Day Workshop (Near Kootenay Bay)
(Kootenay/Boundary residents only)
Sat May 12, 9:30am to 4pm:  Growing & Marketing
8 Seats Available
An organization called the KBFA (Kootenay and Boundary Farm Advisors ) has asked Rasa Creek Farm to present its 1 Day Workshop to farmers in their region.
Participants must reside within the Kootenay and Boundary Districts. If you qualify and are interested, you can register using the link to the right. You can also contact the KBFA directly at the number and email below:
Rachael Roussin / KBFA
  • Hosted by Yasodhara Ashram: 527 Walker's Landing Road, Kootenay Bay, BC V0B 1X0
  • Tuition: $75
  • Limit of 25 participants
  • Yasodhara Ashram
  • Vegetarian lunch available for $13 extra (or bring own)

Workshop Curriculum

Growing from A to Z
  • Cultivar Selection
  • Field Planning
    • Spacing
    • Soil Preparation
    • Cover Crops
  • Popping & Planting
    • Dimplers
    • Time Saving Techniques
  • Mulch Options (pros and cons)
  • Irrigation Methods
  • Weeding Requirements
  • Scape Removal
    • Disposal or Marketing of Scapes
    • Saving & Growing from Bulbils
  • Harvest: Tools and Techniques
  • The Curing Shed
  • Processing for Market
  • Storage
Marketing and Planning
  • The Farm Business Plan
  • The Optimal Expansion Curve
  • Marketing Your Bulbs
    • How to Wholesale
    • How to Retail
    • Farmer's Markets
    • Value Added
    • Carving a Niche'
    • Creating a co-operative
    • The Future of Canadian Garlic
  • Customer Relations and Education

Travel & Accommodation

Rasa Creek Farm is located 23 kilometers north of the township of Lumby, BC. We'll provide a detailed map for anyone driving to the workshop and you can get a rough idea of our location on the Contacts page of this website. If flying from farther away, the nearest airport is Kelowna International (YLW), which is a 90 minute drive from Rasa Creek Farm.  There are non-stop flights from many Canadian cities into Kelowna, as well as several cities in the USA, including Seattle.

If you'll be needing to stay overnight, there are several options available
  1. Camping at Rasa Creek: Rasa Creek Farm has beautiful meadows by it's crystal clear creek and for $15 you're welcome to camp on the property. We provide on-demand hot showers in our compost toilet equipped bath house. Nights can be cool so be prepared with plenty of warm bedding.
  2. The Country Hideaway B&B: This is the closest nearby accommodations you'll find. A very quaint cabin with a loft, right on the Shuswap River, and just 20 minutes from our farm. 250-838-6323
  3. Twin Creeks Motel: Lumby is a 25 minute drive from the farm and has one motel. Rooms are about $79 a night.
    Address: 1643 Vernon St, Lumby
    Phone: 250-547-9221
  4. B&Bs: With the advent of Air B&B there are more and more options each year. When searching, include the towns of Enderby and Grindrod since they are also about 25 minutes away.
  5. Vernon: Our local "big city" is Vernon. Vernon is about 50 minutes from our farm and there are numerous hotel, B&B and resort options there, from cheap to quite pricey.