Use these links to download the required version of our Planning Your Garlic Farm spreadsheet.
Additional Help

The BC Ministry of Agriculture produced a guide to help new garlic farmers back in 1992 (we've been on our own ever since), and we've made that available for you here.

Planning Your Garlic Farm© - Beta v1.1

Many customers call us with good questions regarding exactly how to start farming garlic. How many bulbs should I start with? How much land do I need? How do I create a plan for my garlic farm? It became obvious that a comprehensive garlic farm planning tool was needed. So, we created one! It's simple to use, yet is an extremely robust and powerful spreadsheet program, written in Excel.
Here are just a few of its features:
  • Dual calculations: one calculation using RCF's default values and one using values entered by the user.
  • Multi-year planning: plan up to 5 years in advance
  • Expenses & Labor: Includes estimates for all associated costs of running the farm based on how many bulbs you are growing and what your costs are for labor and materials.
  • Curing shed: Based on how many bulbs you'll be harvesting, the spreadsheet automatically calculates the size of the curing shed you'll be needing.
  • Sample Plans: We've created sample 1,2 and 3 year plans to give you practical examples of how you could scale up over time, allowing for a learning curve while also saving boodles of money.
  • Net Profit: Just how much profit can you expect from a given size garlic operation? Every variable is taken into account; percentage of crop loss, price at market, average number of bulbs per pound, expenses, bulbs held back for replanting.
Of course, Planning Your Galic Farm© is FREE to download and use. Choose from the following download links:
If for any reason you have difficulty downloading the spreadsheet using the above links, we'll be happy to send it to you by email.
View the short YouTube tutorial below to get you started, then get to planning!
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