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Seed Garlic Cultivars
Catalog Codes
Green = In Stock
Red = Sold Out
BU = Bulbs / Umbels

BU = Bulbs are SOLD OUT and Umbels are in stock.

Purple Stripe
BU   - Alex's Ukrainian*
BU    - Chesnok Red 
BU    - Siberian 
BU    - Tibetan New!

Marbled Purple Stripe
U - Kostyn's Red Russian BULK
U    - Russian Red  BULK

Glazed Purple Stripe
BU    - Oregon  New!


BU    - Doukhobor Russian S. OUT
BU  - French Rocambole 
BU    - German Red  BULK
BU    - Puslinch  New!
BU    - Spicy Korean Red New!

BU    - Georgian Crystal
BU    - Great Northern
BU    - Majestic  BULK
BU    - Music 
BU    - Northern Quebec
BU    - Rosewood New!
BU    - Susan Delafield 
BU    Yugoslavian  BULK

BU    - Chinook
BU    - Maiskij New! SOLD OUT
BU  - Saltspring Ex Erly
BU    - Thai New! SOLD OUT
BU    - Xian New!

BU    - Korean Mountain New!
BU    - Korean Red 
BU    - Sakura New! SOLD OUT
BU    - Wildfire New! SOLD OUT


BU    - Burgundy New! SOLD OUT
BU   - Germinador New!
BU    - Rose de Lautrec SOLD OUT


B   - Western Rose New! SOLD OUT


B      - Bossart New! SOLD OUT
B      - Italian  SOLD OUT

* Family group in question

  In Addition...

Growing from bulbil is very rewarding. Learn more about bulbils here, then order from our catalog's Cultivar pages.

Garlic Scapes
Learn the origins and uses of this incredible feature of garlic.
Sauteed Scapes

World of Garlic
Would a wine connoisseur confuse Cabernet with Riesling? Of course not. We're very pleased to have been given permission by Ted Jordan Meredith to extensively quote material from his book "The Complete Book of Garlic" on our website.

 Certified Organic Umbels/Bulbils                         

If you're the patient type and want to save a little money too, then consider growing from bulbil.
  • Umbels/Bulbils: Click on the Cultivar you're interested in to visit that cultivar's web page and make your purchase using our Add to Cart buttons. You can also learn more details about numbers of bulbils per umbel and basic growing characteristics on the cultivar page.

      Cultivar                                       Qty  
    Marbled Purple Stripe:                                                    Call to arrange payment   
    Kostyn's Red Russian                108                                        Bulk Pricing           
     $4.00 ea
     $3.50 ea
     $3.00 ea
     $2.50 ea
     151 +
     $2.00 ea

    Purple Stripes:
    Chesnok Red                                150

    Northern Quebec                         113
    Majestic                                           108
    Yugoslavian                                   140

 Organic Seed Garlic Catalog                                               

Kostyn's Red
 Kostyn's Red
Marbled Purple Stripe
Bulbils, rounds, cloves
and bulbs
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Clickable Catalog on Every Page

  • Wholesale pricing for bulk farm orders is available. Contact us for details.
  • At the bottom of the sidebar you'll find links to more information on Bulbils and the World of Garlic in general.
Note: Please refer to our Ordering page or Contact page if you would prefer not to place your order online.

 What's Unique about our Catalog?             

Personality Profile: Every cultivar has a unique Personality, captured in a short paragraph and included on its web-page. No two people's taste buds are the same, making it difficult to standardize a description of a given garlic, so we've decided to try something new;  prose and poetry! Somehow it seems to work, and be enjoyable as well.

Growing Characteristics: For gardeners and farmers, every horticultural group page includes a decription of that Group's basic growing characteristics and  each cultivar's page includes  growing characteristics particular to that cultivar. We list average number of cloves per bulb as well as an approximate number of bulbils per umbel for those wishing to grow using the bulbil method.

Quantity: Unless otherwise stated (such as with our New Cultivars and one or two others), we do not limit the quantity an individual customer can purchase of a given cultivar. Our shopping cart keeps track of inventory and will not allow you to purchase more than is in stock. However, we always underestimate the inventory and so if something is showing out of stock in the shopping cart but is not listed as SOLD OUT on the description page, please contact us to see if we have more in our bins.  If a LIMIT is listed above a given "ADD TO CART" button, please make sure to enter no more than allowed since the shopping cart will allow the transaction if the bulbs are in inventory and we will then have to contact you to correct the order.

 On Differences Between Cultivars              

Human evolution vs garlic evolution
If you're not yet familiar with the history of garlic and with the sometimes dramatic differences in flavor and growing characteristics between garlic cultivars, we highly recommend taking a few moments to educate yourself. There are basically ten distinct horticultural groups, or sub-species, of garlic. Knowing a bit about this diversity can help in choosing which cultivars you'd like to try next.  Botanists have used genetic information to roughly determine which garlic groups are oldest and which are more recent. If we compare garlic to human evolution, it would appear something like what we've created in the depiction you see at right.

Visit our World of Garlic page to read about the history of the multitude of garlic enjoyed worldwide. We're very pleased that gardening author, Ted Jordan Meredith, has given us permission to quote extensively from his incredible compendium titled The Complete Book of Garlic.

 Note for Chefs: If you use a lot of garlic then you'll be interested to know that the skins of some varieties are much easier to remove than others. Also, cloves from different cultivars vary greatly in size. Try a Rocambole if you prefer easily removed skins. Try a Marbled Purple Stripe if you prefer cloves that are large and of uniform size. Try a Porcelain if you prefer really large cloves and are looking to bake the bulb. Bon Appetite!

- The Kitchen at Rasa Creek Farm