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For Umbels/Bulbils
It's not too late; bulbils can be planted in Spring with great success. Bulbils are a great way to expand your planting stock in a cost effective and safe (safe from diseases and pests) manner. Visit our Catalog Page to see what's still available and use the Add To Cart buttons on each cultivar page to place your order. Feel free to give us a call to discuss your options and planting strategy.


Seed Garlic Cultivars
Visit our CATALOG page to see what's in stock and learn about our specials.

Purple Stripe
    - Alex's Ukrainian*
    - Chesnok Red
    - Siberian
    - Tibetan

Marbled Purple Stripe
    - Kostyn's Red Russian
    - Russian Red

Glazed Purple Stripe
    - Oregon


    - Doukhobor Russian
    - French Rocambole

    - German Red
    - Puslinch
    - Spicy Korean Red

    - Georgian Crystal
    - Great Northern
    - Majestic
    - Music
    - Northern Quebec

    - Rosewood
    - Susan Delafield


    - Chinook
    - Maiskij (My-skeej)
    - Saltspring Extra Early
    - Thai
    - Xian

    - Korean Mountain
    - Korean Red
    - Sakura 
    - Wildfire


    - Burgundy
    - Germinador
    - Rose de Lautrec


    - Western Rose


    - Bossart
    - Italian

* Family group in question

  In Addition...

Growing from bulbil is very rewarding. Learn more about bulbils here, then order from our catalog's Cultivar pages.

Garlic Scapes
Learn the origins and uses of this incredible feature of garlic.
Sauteed Scapes

World of Garlic
Would a wine connoisseur confuse Cabernet with Riesling? Of course not. We're very pleased to have been given permission by Ted Jordan Meredith to extensively quote material from his book "The Complete Book of Garlic" on our website.

In the Garlic Drying Shed
Getting giddy in the garlic
drying shed.

  Organic Seed Garlic                 

Rasa (Rah'-sa) Creek Farm: suppliers of organic seed garlic and bulbils for sale to gardeners and farmers throughout Canada. We're also a training center for Permaculture Design here in the Okanagan Valley of BC.

Seed Garlic: It's important to plant seed garlic that is clean and disease free and we thank you for choosing Rasa Creek Farm to be your supplier of quality organic seed garlic.  We've designed our website to be as informative and inviting as possible so that those of you who are veteran garlic growers can zoom straight to our catalog and begin ordering what you want, and so that beginners can learn everything they need to get started, from garlic history to planting and  how to grow your own

Post Sales Support for Our Customers
The service Rasa Creek Farm provides to its customers does not stop once the garlic walks out the door.  We're constantly on the lookout for new sales opportunities and ideas to help promote a wider appreciation of domestically grown hardneck and  softneck garlic. When a large produce distributor called us in the Fall of 2013 wanting to secure a contract to purchase at least 7,000 lbs of organic garlic per year, we immediately called our farmer customers and put them in contact with that distributor. We're also available to answer farming and other practical questions having to do with running a profitable garlic business. 

 Canadian Garlic Comeback               

There's a movement afoot in Canada to reinvigorate our domestic garlic production. In the late 1990's, China flooded the market with under-priced garlic and put many Canadian growers out of business, knocking the number of acres planted in garlic down from 4,500 in the year 2000, to just 300 in the year 2002.  It's taken time (and winning a court battle to impose customs fines) but small farms and independent gardeners, like you, have become key players in bringing Canadian garlic back to life. So, congratulations are in order, but there's still a long way to go.

Canadian Garlic Production
By now, just about everyone who visits farmer's markets and attends garlic festivals knows about the huge difference between domestic garlic and the imported variety. Some distributors of domestic garlic have even come to feel that we've saturated the market. Rasa Creek Farm believes, however, that we've just scratched the surface. In 2009 there were only 640 acres planted in garlic, which is 2 times more than in 2002 but still
8 times less than was grown here in the year 2000. But organic growers, gardeners and consumers like you probably already know this.

Educating the Canadian Public
It's time to stop "preaching to the choir" and to expand our efforts to reach a broader consumer base. In 2013, Rasa Creek Farm supplied all the necessary seed garlic for 6 new garlic farms in Canada; 4 in BC and 2 out of Province. Where is all this garlic going to be sold? It may seem that the market has unlimited capacity to absorb more domestically produced garlic, but clearly that is not the case... yet. Statistically, for every 1 convert who will only eat "real" garlic, there are 9 people who don't yet know the difference and who will refuse to pay $10/lb when they can buy imported garlic for $3/lb. How do we reach those people?

One idea we hope someone will act on is to develop attractive POP (Point of Purchase) displays for retail outlets, featuring three distinct garlic cultivars with brief product descriptions for each. Perhaps as consumers become acquainted with the great diversity of flavors and choices available they'll be inspired to explore and see for themselves. Currently, consumers face the choice between "Canadian grown vs imported." We want to change that limited perspective, making it a choice between "An organic Rocambole with jaw dropping flavor... a gorgeous Porcelain with 4 immense cloves... a scintillating Russian Red that dances circles on your tongue - OR - an irradiated, sterile and dried out mini-bulb from overseas." See the difference? In the first scenario, the decision boils down to Canadian pride and price. But when the bigger picture is known, it becomes a decision based on preference.

Jim & Lalitha - Owners
Jim & Lalitha - Owners
        The Farm and the Farmers

Rasa Creek Farm (pronounced Rah'-sa... meaning juice or divine nectar) is 126 acres of paradise located in Trinity Valley, one hour northeast of Vernon, BC. The land and weather here are perfect for gourmet hardneck garlic production and the farm's owners are uniquely qualified to deliver outstanding garlic to your home or business.

Lalitha Thomas trained as a master herbalist in the 1970's and is an internationally acclaimed author. Her most popular title, 10 Essential Herbs, has sold over 30,000 copies in five languages. One chapter from 10 Essential Herbs covers garlic and we've made that chapter available for free on our Garlic for Health page, where you can also purchase your own signed copy of the book.

In addition to the highest quality garlic, Rasa Creek has teamed with Permaculture Design experts Gordon Hiebert and Jana Macnab of Element Eco-Design and will be hosting Permaculture Design Workshops and related seminars on the farm every summer. Food forests, 800 foot long swales, aquaculture ponds and many other features will be incorporated into the landscape making Rasa Creek into a showcase of Permaculture Design for British Columbia. Visit our Permaculture Page for schedule and registration information as well as educational resources about Permaculture.

  Educational Tools                                               

The Garlic News - Paul Pospisil: Organic Seed Garlic
While we're on the subject of resources, be sure to investigate the many links and educational materials we have on our Resources, How to Grow Garlic and Garlic for Health pages, where we've assembled:
  • Instruction for Growing Garlic from clove and from bulbil
  • Free downloads of Lalitha Thomas' internationally acclaimed book on Herbalism, Ten Essential Herbs.
  • The complete table of contents for every back issue of The Garlic News, Canada's leading newsletter for all things related to growing, selling and enjoying garlic, edited by experienced garlic grower Paul Pospisil.
  • A Bibliography of the finest books on garlic