Deep Purple - Seed Bulbs

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Extra early to harvest and the most gorgeous purple bulbs you've ever seen. Aromatic, well rounded character. Every gardener and garlic farmer's dream of an ideal bulb.

Pedigree: Deep Purple was entrusted to the care of Nevin and Shauna Gavigan (Your Local Farmacy) in 2010 by the Bonnemaison family. The Bonnemaisons got Deep Purple from a Chinese fellow in the early nineteen-seventies, but only a few bulbs were passed on to them. They then grew it in the hills of the South Okanagan for over 30 years, before passing it on to their Daughter who continued to grow it for a few years. Less than fifty bulbs were passed down to Nevin and Shauna to keep the strain alive, and they have grown out the stock since 2011 to size it up and increase available bulbs.

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