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Growing from bulbil is very rewarding. Learn more about bulbils here, then order from our catalog's Cultivar pages.

Garlic Scapes
Learn the origins and uses of this incredible feature of garlic.
Sauteed Scapes

World of Garlic
Would a wine connoisseur confuse Cabernet with Riesling? Of course not. We're very pleased to have been given permission by Ted Jordan Meredith to extensively quote material from his book "The Complete Book of Garlic" on our website.

Non-Organic Seed Garlic  SOLD OUT

Grown Naturally

Rasa Creek Farm has provided seed garlic for many new farms around the world. In many cases we also provided guidance and business consulting as they became established, helping them to grow clean garlic in a natural way. We've chosen garlic from a select few of these farms to represent here on our website. While these farms are not certified organic, we're confident in the integrity and quality of their product

Bulk Seed Garlic Pricing


 Purple Stripe: Non-Organic

 Chesnok Red:         BULK

Reliable and vigorous in the field with characteristics similar to a Porcelain. Medium to strong heat well balanced with Purple Stripe flavor. Heritage Variety.  Sold Out

 Tibetan:         BULK

Potentially large bulbs for a Purple Stripe. Delicious pungency and reliable in the garden or field. Sold Out

 Marbled Purple Stripe: Non-Org

 Russian Red:              BULK

The staple cultivar for BC growers everywhere. Evenly sized cloves and vigorous growing characteristics make this a favorite for farmers, and consumer recognition makes it an easy sell. Sold Out

 Rocambole: Non-Organic

 German Red:                BULK

BC's standard of excellence when it comes to Rocamboles. Easy to peel cloves makes it a favorite for cooking and powdering. Every garden should have some. Sold Out

 Spanish Roja:                BULK

Difficult to find, Spanish Roja has an exceptional garlicky flavor. Many people's preferred Rocambole cultivar. Sold Out


A new cultivar for RCF, made available to us by one of our trusted grower/partners. Brown clove skins and bulbs similar in appearance to German Red, but with superior flavor and heat.  Sold Out

 Porcelain: Non-Organic

 Majestic:                        BULK

An original Canadian cultivar from Beaver Pond Estates in Ontario. Tall and regal in the field, bold and dignified on the palate. (Bulk pricing  Sold Out

 Yugoslavian:                 BULK

The soldier of Porcelains in BC, very hardy and well recognized by consumers of fine hardneck garlic everywhere. Sold Out


 Artichoke: Non-Organic


BC's most popular Softneck garlic. Mild at harvest then hotter as it has time to cure. Harvest when first leaf shows signs of browning, allow to grow while curing.   Sold Out