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Growing from bulbil is very rewarding. Learn more about bulbils here, then order from our catalog's Cultivar pages.

Garlic Scapes
Learn the origins and uses of this incredible feature of garlic.
Sauteed Scapes

World of Garlic
Would a wine connoisseur confuse Cabernet with Riesling? Of course not. We're very pleased to have been given permission by Ted Jordan Meredith to extensively quote material from his book "The Complete Book of Garlic" on our website.


We are on Holiday from Nov 30th until Jan 3rd and so have de-activated our online shopping cart. Please visit us again after January 3rd if you are interested in umbels. At this point, we no longer have bulbs available from our 2015 harvest, only Umbels.

Until Jan 3rd, the "Add to Cart" buttons are visible, but inactive.

Low Inventory Notice or Shopping Cart Not Yet Open
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Seed Garlic Sold Out
Unless you see SOLD OUT above the button, we may still have some.
We're conservative when posting inventory quantities to our online shopping cart. We dislike airlines who overbook their flights and wouldn't sleep well at night if we oversold our garlic. However, unless we've posted the official
SOLD OUT sign above our "Add to Cart" button, then it's possible that we still have some in reserve.

You have options:
  1. Round 2 Offering: If, during processing, we discover we have more of a given cultivar then we will make it available in our 2nd Round Offering on September 5th. Check back then.
  2. Call or e-mail us to see if we have more of what you're looking for.
    info (at)
    250-547-2077 (Pacific Time)
  3. Select another, similar, cultivar to the one you're seeking. You could also contact us and we'll gladly recommend something similar for you.
We appreciate your understanding and your business and look forward to serving you in any way we can. 

Jim Capellini - Manager

Seed Garlic Sale Begins
Mark Your Calendars
Our Shopping Cart goes "LIVE" on these dates...

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Open Dates

Bulbils & Scapes

Seed Garlic Bulbs

2nd Round
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June 13th, 2015

Early Harvest:
Watch Website Header for details

September 5th, 2015

BULBS: If you plan to order a garlic cultivar that is less common or that is listed as "New" on our site, then you'll want to act quickly since quantities will  be limited.

UMBELS/BULBILS:  We keep a sampling of each cultivar's scapes for customers to purchase every year.

FESTIVALS & FARM VISITS: We'll be at the Grindrod Festival this year.