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Seed Garlic Cultivars
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Purple Stripe
    - Alex's Ukrainian*
    - Chesnok Red
    - Siberian
    - Tibetan

Marbled Purple Stripe
    - Kostyn's Red Russian
    - Russian Red

Glazed Purple Stripe
    - Oregon


    - Doukhobor Russian
    - French Rocambole

    - German Red
    - Puslinch
    - Spicy Korean Red

    - Georgian Crystal
    - Great Northern
    - Majestic
    - Music
    - Northern Quebec

    - Rosewood
    - Susan Delafield


    - Chinook
    - Maiskij (My-skeej)
    - Saltspring Extra Early
    - Thai
    - Xian

    - Korean Mountain
    - Korean Red
    - Sakura 
    - Wildfire


    - Burgundy
    - Germinador
    - Rose de Lautrec


    - Western Rose


    - Bossart
    - Italian

* Family group in question

  In Addition...

Growing from bulbil is very rewarding. Learn more about bulbils here, then order from our catalog's Cultivar pages.

Garlic Scapes
Learn the origins and uses of this incredible feature of garlic.
Sauteed Scapes

World of Garlic
Would a wine connoisseur confuse Cabernet with Riesling? Of course not. We're very pleased to have been given permission by Ted Jordan Meredith to extensively quote material from his book "The Complete Book of Garlic" on our website.

Plan Your Garlic Farm

An OPEN SOURCE idea for farmers...

community supported agriculture
Garlic CSA

(Community Supported Agriculture)

  • Receive local gourmet garlic from August until the next Spring
  • Support local farmers
  • Buy as much, or as little, as you would like on an "as needed" basis
  • Sign up friends and receive free garlic

What's Unique about this idea?

Everyone knows how fabulous locally grown garlic is compared to the stuff we see in the grocery store, but we rarely see local garlic outside of Farmer's Markets and Garlic Festivals. Garlic keeps well into the new year but Farmer's Markets typically end sometime in October.

With a Garlic CSA, you can provide local garlic after the season is over.

It may take some time, but once a loyal customer base is established you'll be able to keep your inventory flowing out at a steady rate and steady price. You'll learn from experience how much to grow of each cultivar so that you'll still have enough of your longest storing garlic in the spring, when demand is highest.

Have fun with it, and let us know if you succeed. We'd like to hear from you and wish you the greatest success in marketing your garlic.

Rasa Creek Farm