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Culinary - Bulk

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(You'll receive whole bulbs. Photo above is just for illustration purposes.)

Quantity Limit
5 lbs per Cultivar
(The shopping cart will allow you to select more than 5 lbs, but if you do that we'll just end up contacting you to correct the mistake)

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Culinary Garlic - 2013

Culinary Cart Opens Aug 16th

Limit 5 lbs per cultivar
(The Shopping Cart will allow you to enter more than 5 lbs,
so please be careful to limit your entry to 5 or less)

Italian   $10/lb

Russian Red   $10/lb
Marbled Purple Stripe
German Red   $10/lb

Yugoslavian   $12/lb

 "It is not an exaggeration to say that peace and happiness begin, geographically, where garlic is used in cooking."
Marcel Boulestin
Master French Chef

Seed Garlic - bulbs and cloves

Experience the difference!
People are more and more aware that there is a difference between garlics, but many don't yet have first hand experience of what that difference is. Rasa Creek Farm culinary selections is our way to help.

Why Buy Rasa Creek Farm Culinary Garlic?
All the garlic we grow, whether for culinary or propagation (seed), meets the same strict organic and disease free standards.

Is Ours the "Best"?
There are many wonderful farmers and home gardeners who grow outstanding garlic, but no-one can grow garlic that possesses the scintillating nuances of a Rocambole if what they plant is a fumigated and chemically fertilized "no name" cultivar from overseas. As is true with computer programming.....   "Garbage in, garbage out."