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Paul Pospisil - Editor

Paul Pospisil passed away in the fall of 2019, and The Garlic News will no longer be published. Back issues may still be available in the future. Check back here later in 2020 to see what's happening with that.

Just in case the back issues are made available, we'll continue to make the Table of Contents available for your review. Each issue is filled with useful articles, news, growing suggestions, recipes, festival listings and so much more.
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New Book Offer!

Growing Garlic Organically

A Practical Guide to Growing Garlic in Canada - Paul Pospisil

Paul's book IS still available, and you can access an order form for that below. This is a long anticipated and thorough treatise on growing garlic organically. You can view his full poster about the book release using the link below. And then you'll want to purchase a copy using the other link below.

Cost is $32.00 for Black & White, and $40.00 for color, with $6.50 additional for shipping.

Disclaimer: The information and links on this page are provided by Paul Pospisil, editor of The Garlic News. Rasa Creek Farm has enjoyed the outstanding quality of every issue over the years and we're happy to support Paul in this way. We receive no kickbacks for this service. Subscription fees go 100% directly to Paul and his efforts to bring you the best in garlic news.RCF Management