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Paul Pospisil - Editor

The newsletter for garlic growers. Published in Ontario and widely distributed throughout Canada and beyond, The Garlic News quarterly has over 700 subscribed members as of 2014. Each issue is filled with useful articles, news, growing suggestions, recipes, festival listings and so much more.
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Four Issues per Year

Four issues are produced each year ($20 for all four issues), scheduled to reach the subscriber at key points in the garlic growing cycle: winter phase of planning; spring weeding and other chores, and of course harvest time in the summer.


Refer to the subscription form for a complete list of purchase options. Print and fill out the subscription form and mail it with your cheque or money order payable to:
Paul Pospisil, Editor, The Garlic News
3656 Bolingbroke Road
Maberly, Ont., K0H 2B0
Phone: 613-273-5683
E-mail: garlicnews(at)
P.S.: Ask for information regarding posting ads to The Garlic News, which are accepted.

New Book Offer!

Growing Garlic Organically

A Practical Guide to Growing Garlic in Canada - Paul Pospisil

Paul has finally published his long anticipated and thorough treatise on growing garlic. You can view his full poster about the book release using the link below. And then you'll want to purchase a copy using the other link below.

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Disclaimer: The information and links on this page are provided by Paul Pospisil, editor of The Garlic News. Rasa Creek Farm has enjoyed the outstanding quality of every issue over the years and we're happy to support Paul in this way. We receive no kickbacks for this service. Subscription fees go 100% directly to Paul and his efforts to bring you the best in garlic news.RCF Management