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Pest & Disease Research
Soil Testing
Exova is recommended by the BC Ministry of Agriculture and has locations across the globe.

Resources for Farms
Visit the Rasa Garlic Growers page to access resources specific to farming garlic as part of the Rasa Garlic Team. This page includes helpful information about:
  • Processing Garlic
  • Soil Testing
  • Testing Plants for Disease
  • and more. . .

Resources & Links

The Garlic News

The Garlic News

The newsletter for garlic growers...
Paul Pospisil's The Garlic News has over 700 subscribers and is a gem for those who grow garlic in Canada, both gardeners and farmers. Paul has generously given us permission to publish the Table of Contents from all issues to date. Click on our dedicated GARLIC NEWS page to view the Table of Contents and to access subscriptions forms.
  • Winter KillFREE Special Supplement—Click this link to access a free copy of Paul's report on the possible consequences of Canada's extreme weather during the 2015-16 winter due to El Nino.
  • Growing Garlic Organically
    Paul has just published (Spring of 2019) his new book on growing garlic here in Canada. It's a thorough and well written book for garlic growers of every size. A wonderful contribution. Go to our Garlic News page to order your copy.
Element Eco Design Logo

Element Eco-Design

Vernon is lucky to have the team of Gordon Hiebert and Jana Macnab and their Permaculture Design company, Element Eco-Design. Visit their website to learn about upcoming events, seminars and workshops or to hire them for design work. They're hard working, honest and overflowing with ideas.
Kitchen Gardener International

Kitchen Gardeners International

Roger Doiron has created an enormous online community of individuals who believe in growing their own food and creating vibrant, local agricultural economies. With 25,000 members in over 100 countries we now have access to invaluable help and information about every facet of this important effort, and perhaps we can offer something to others too. It's well worth a visit.

Soil Building


10 Essential Herbs - Cover

Books by Lalitha (co-owner of RCF)

Lalitha Thomas' books have stood the test of time and now reside on many a book shelf across the world. You can purchase an autographed copy of 10 Essential Herbs and 10 Essential Foods in our Online Garlic Store.
Complete Book of Garlic - Cover

The Complete Book of Garlic

Ted Jordan Meredith
"Complete" is a most appropriate choice of titles for this amazing overview of everything garlic. Mr. Meredith dives into the history and botany as well as current research and horticultural classification models in use. He fills the pages with personal observations, diagrams and some of the most beautiful photographs of garlic that I've seen. Each horticultural group is described and many of its members listed in great detail. Growers will find a wealth of information and advice on how to pursue cultivation of garlic both in the garden and the field if you're interested small scale farming. A truly gorgeous volume.
And for up to date garlic ideas and information from Mr. Meredith, you'll definitely want to visit his website HERE.

SARE - Managing Cover Crops Profitably

Managing Cover Crops Profitably

SARE—Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education
This is an invaluable resource for both experienced and beginner "cover croppers." Full of detailed descriptions of field trials large and small, with personal stories as told by the farmers who have transitioned their fields from conventional to sustainable methods. Charts, diagrams, characteristics of every kind of cover crop and when to use them, when to incorporate them, what they add to the soil and how long they take to grow. Plus... it's FREE HERE in PDF format. It's also available in printed form at a very reasonable price.

Growing Great Garlic

Ron Engeland
Considered by many a grower to be the bible of small scale garlic production, Ron Engels provides everything you need to get started as a garlic farmer. His work and research took place quite a few years ago, however, so you'll want to keep that in mind regarding marketing strategies. His farm (Filaree) still grows garlic and is located in Washington State. 

The Book of Garlic

Lloyd J. Harris
A good friend of ours found this delight of a book last year and mailed it to us. Mr. Harris is a true garlic lover and has compiled articles and stories and anecdotes and jokes and recipes and folklore and... the list goes on.  Most importantly he's collected a large volume of garlic's medicinal uses from all over the world. Japanese garlic therapies, Russian cold remedies and remedies for athlete's foot! I never would have guessed that so much has been written about garlic over the course of so many centuries.

Edible Food Forests

Dave Jacke & Eric Toensmeier
If you're interested in Food Forests, this two volume hardback set is the only resource you'll ever need. It costs about $150, but it's more than worth it. Every facet of crafting the perfect design, choosing your trees, shrubs and ground cover, implementing that design with the highest chances of success... It's all there and all beautifully laid in with charts, diagrams, photos, case studies and more.