Umbels and bulbs



Allium Sativum Ophioscorodon

Personality profile: A straight talking, no frill, employee owned cultivar that lets you find your own seat and enjoy the simplicity of life before unions. What a breath of fresh air, which is rare when garlic is involved. You'll arrive at your destination sooner than anyone else and your luggage will never be lost. There's a good reason the Turbans are referred to as the world's "summer apple," a Turban a day keeps the doctor away!

Cloves: Averages 10 medium sized cloves per bulb that are slender and attractively arrayed in a single ring around the scape core. Wonderful purple blotching on the outer wrappers and pink or earth tone on the clove itself.

Bulbils: The horticultural group derives its name from the turban shaped umbel, which contain small to medium sized bulbils. Figure on about 40-60 usable bulbils and discard the smaller ones.

Growing: Early to emerge, early to harvest, Turbans will be your first garlic of the season. The plant itself is rather weak looking, with generous leaf spacing and flimsy pseudostems that may just refuse to hold the plant up even while still growing, but don't be discouraged. The scapes don't fully curl but since you don't really need to remove them to promote bulbing you can just leave them on if you like. Mr. Meredith writes, "A Thai restaurant I once frequented used large quantities of barely chopped garlic in some of their dishes, so that garlic was not only a flavoring but also a vegetable. I often use Turban in this way in spicy cuisines."

Harvest: Earliest.

Storage: Turbans have the shortest storage period of all, even shorter than Rocamboles. Expect 3-5 months but consider eating your turbans first.

Pedigree: Came to us via Boundary Garlic in 2012.