Purple Stripe - Chesnok Red
Umbels and bulbs


Alex's Ukrainian

Allium Sativum Ophioscorodon

Personality profile: In the late 1800s Ukrainian peasants left their beloved homeland for the possibility of a better life in the Americas. The Luchak family settled in Hamlin, AB, carving out a life for themselves and their children from the raw, often unforgiving land. Some children died before reaching 5 years of age, but young Alex was eventually born and the rugged, hearty garlic his ancestors had carried to Canada from the Ukraine has found its way to us... and now to you.

Cloves: Averages 8-12 cloves that are slender and well formed with striking purple streaks. Smaller than Marbled Purple Stripe and Rocambole cloves, but similar to a medium sized Artichoke clove, though more regal in appearance.

Bulbils: 40-50 medium sized bulbils per umbel that grow to marble sized rounds or small bulbs the first year and small to mid sized cloved bulbs in the second.

Growing: Late emergence and late harvest. The plant structure itself is a bit smaller than what we find with Porcelains and Marbled Purple, though the leaves are more broad, which is typical of a Rocambole.

Harvest: May harvest a bit later in the season. Watch for the tell-tale sign of browning in the lower leaves.

Storage: Expect 5-6 months.

Pedigree: Came to us from Bertie van der Mark, of Lumby, BC. Bertie was given this cultivar by George Gatzke who lives right here in the Okanagan of BC and he was given Alex's Ukrainian directly by Alex Luchak himself more than 40 years ago. Alex's family settled in Hamlin, AB, in the late 1800's having brought this outstanding garlic with them from the Ukraine.