Umbels, cloves, and bulbs



Purple Stripe
Allium Sativum Ophioscorodon

Personality profile: Large and domineering, like the Himalayans themselves, these Tibetans have the confidence of those who know who they are. We grow them in BC, but their character is universal. A garlic that reminds one of smiles and shouted greetings across hidden valleys from legendary times. A garlic that speaks to our inner fire and leaves its embers to warm us from head to toe, but especially around the heart where it whispers songs and poems passed from generation to generation over millennia.

Cloves: Averages 8-12 cloves that are slender and well formed with striking purple streaks. Smaller than Marbled Purple Stripe and Rocambole cloves, but similar to a medium sized Artichoke clove, though more regal in appearance.

Bulbils: 100 or so small bulbils per umbel that grow to marble sized rounds the first year and larger rounds or small cloved bulbs in the second. At least 3 years to mature bulb size.

Growing: Late emergence and late harvest. The plant structure itself is a bit smaller than what we find with Porcelains and Marbled Purple Stripes, but this Purple Stripe is a strong cultivar with potentially large bulbs, reaching three inches in diameter.

Harvest: Tibetan harvests a little later in the season. Watch for the tell-tale sign of browning in the lower leaves.

Storage: Stores longer than Rocamboles (what doesn't?) but not so long as Porcelains and Artichokes. Expect 5-6 months, but we've experienced it storing past 7 months under the right conditions.

Pedigree: Tibetan came to us from the attentive and loving hands of Nicholas Peterson, who owns Nicola Valley Produce in Merritt, BC. He obtained Tibetan from Peter who lives in the hills in the southern region of the Okangan Valley of BC.