Persian Star
Umbel, rounds, cloves, and bulbs


Persian Star

Purple Stripe
Allium Sativum Ophioscorodon

Other names: Samarkand, Duganskij
Personality profile: Streaking across the Canadian skies like a meteor chipped from a shimmering display of northern lights, Persian Star has stolen the breath away from garlic lovers across the prairie provinces. Full of character and beauty, this Purple Stripe deserves an honored place at the table. Great for baking or adding raw to salad dressings and dishes.

Cloves: Averages 6-8 cloves that boast striking purple mottling and streaks. Smaller than Marbled Purple Stripe and Rocambole cloves but not by much.

Bulbils: 100 or so small bulbils per umbel that grow to marble sized rounds the first year and larger rounds or small cloved bulbs in the second. At least 3 years to mature bulb size.

Growing: Late emergence and late harvest. The plant structure itself is a bit smaller than what we find with Porcelains and Marbled Purple Stripes, but like a small and powerful boxer.

Harvest: Watch for the tell-tale sign of browning in the lower leaves.

Storage: Apparently there have been some reports that storage is shorter than other Purple Stripes, but that is not the more common experience.  Expect 5 to 6 months.

Pedigree: Acquired in 1989 at a bazaar in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, by John Swenson. Thus, the name "Samarkand" is commonly used in parts of the world. Here in Canada it's more popularly known as Persian Star.