Umbels, cloves, and bulbs


Susan Delafield

Allium Sativum Ophioscorodon

Personality profile: The marble floor had just been polished and the reflection of her dazzling sheer pink gown was like fire in the palace ballroom. Eyes were fixed; and the competition sized up. In a swirl of commotion the suitors descended, proffering champagne and promises impossible to keep. Such a rare gem she was, so pure of heart yet hot and wild. Taken by surprise, the animal in those seeking her succor was both stirred and shaken, and rationale left voiceless and beaten in the corner.

Cloves: Averages 4 to 6 large cloves per bulb. While the outer wrappers are brilliant white (hence the name Porcelain) the clove skins often tend toward purple.

Bulbils: Porcelains have the smallest of all bulbils, numbering in the hundreds per umbel. Select the largest 50% and plant those if you want good results. Harvest the resultant rounds at the same time as you harvest the bulbs.

Growing: Here's a Porcelain for western Canada. Susan Delafield's is well acclimated to wet conditions, at least better than most other Porcelains. Still not advisable to let it stand in water for long, though. Scape removal is recommended to achieve good bulbing.

Harvest: Mid-season harvest. This is our first year with Susan and we're interested to learn of any differences come harvest time. Safe to assume scape removal will promote bulb growth.

Storage: Porcelains are a good storing garlic. Expect 8-9 months.

Pedigree: Came to us via Boundary Garlic.