Umbels, cloves, and bulbs



Allium Sativum Ophioscorodon

Accession Number: PI 493099

Personality profile: Whew!!! Call in the fire department, somebody just lit up a Rosewood! All the glory of a Porcelain and the blistering momentum of a wasabi freight train, this cultivar is ready to stand up and be counted. Rosewood leaves no room for doubt, no room for questioning its raison d'etre; Rosewood is here to kick it into high gear and summon the judge. GUILTY! Yes, guilty of being an outstanding garlic with eye popping pungency.

Cloves: Typical of Porcelains, Rosewood averages 5 large cloves per bulb, ranging from 4 to 6 in number.

Bulbils: 100-150 small bulbils that require 4-5 years to reach maturity. Rosewood is a rare Porcelain in that under the right conditions (and with a little help from us) it can produce flowers and true seed. Whereas most garlic cultivars that are capable of producing seed have purple anthers, Rosewood anthers are yellow.

Growing: Very vigorous and resistant to common allium diseases such as rust. Rosewood is also more tolerant of wet spring soil than many cultivars. Bulb size is consistent though not as large as Music or Susan Delafield.

Harvest: Mid to late season harvest.

Storage: We'll let you know next year.

Pedigree: We received Rosewood from Boundary Garlic in 2013. Rosewood was introduced to North America in 1984 and came here via the Moldavian Institue for Vegetable Research in Tirasopol, Moldova, which is not far from Ukraine.