Bulbs, cloves, and umbels



Glazed Purple Stripe
Allium Sativum Ophioscorodon

Personality profile: The Oregon trail leads west, all the way from Missouri to the coast, over mountains and through stunning, rugged, hostile territory. Some early pioneers would carry flasks of dragon fire whisky to bolster their courage, but the pioneers with true grit would pack a tin of dried garlic... real garlic... garlic with a hundred proof punch and a heat that warms belly and soul more thoroughly than anything distilled, and yet still generates a back of the throat inferno like the finest spirits. "Go West!" and remember to pack a tin for the journey.

Cloves: Averages 5-7 cloves that are a bit more stocky than the Purple Stripes. Similar to a Marbled Purple Stripe but with more cloves, on average, per bulb.

Bulbils: 80 or so medium sized bulbils per umbel that grow to marble sized rounds the first year and larger rounds or small cloved bulbs in the second. 3 to 4 years to mature bulb size.

Growing: Oregon is new to us and we'll be watching and taking notes this season.

Harvest: Ditto

Storage: Ditto.

Pedigree: Oregon comes to us from Boundary Garlic Farm in Midway, BC.