Umbels and bulbs



Allium Sativum Ophioscorodon

Personality profile: Germinador has it all... class, taste and flare. This Creole has proven to be one of the stronger performers in our northern climate and it's got a smooth finish on the palette that goes well with the most delicate dishes. A winner in our fields and on our table.

Cloves: About 6 cloves average.

Bulbils: Produces a scape and umbel... usually. We've been seeing around 20 -30 bubils in the umbels.

Growing: Prefers warmer climates but has done okay for us in the North Okanagan of BC. We'll be experimenting with a small hoop house in early Spring next season to try and trick Germinador into thinking we're in a warmer zone.

Harvest: Earlier than most other hardnecks. Be ready for it and watch for those leaves dying back.

Storage: Who'd want to store a Creole when it could be eaten? But if you really want to store it away it should last at least 5 months.

Pedigree: Came to us in 2013 from Boundary Garlic.