Umbels and bulbs



Allium Sativum Ophioscorodon

Personality profile: Purples, reds... a swirl of deep color and rich body leaves us confused as to whether Burgundy got its name from the spirit itself or from the spirit's distinctive color. A mild fire begins our experience of Burgundy and then we're introduced to sweetness and undertones of butter and cream. Raise your glass high as we toast this worthy addition to our catalog and to your garden, farm and table.

Cloves: Cloves typically display more of a deep purple than the red tones of some Creole cultivars. The bulbs are also squatter and the cloves less elongated than some cultivars. Not sure what the average number of cloves per bulb is yet.

Bulbils: Roughly 25 to 50 bulbils per umbel.

Growing: ...

Harvest: ...

Storage: ...

Pedigree: Came to us in 2013 from Boundary Garlic. Boundary obtained it from Al Pickets of Eureka Farm in Ontario. Burgundy made its way into broader commercial production from Davis, California, by way of Horace Shaw.