Umbels and bulbs



Allium Sativum Ophioscorodon

Other names: Japanese

Personality profile: The Japanese people are a polite and reserved lot. Their culture forbids them to make a scene in public, to shout to one another across open spaces and to behave garishly. So what is one to do when forces of nature collide inside a bulb and mix it up inside a mouth? We cannot scream or wildly gesticulate. Subtlety is called for, poetry and finesse. When a refined gentleman on the Osumi Peninsula first experienced this incredible cultivar he frantically sought a means to communicate to his compatriots what was happening within. He looked out to sea and saw his answer. "Like the ever erupting Sakurajima," he intoned. "This garlic is like beautiful, flowing heat." His friends replied, "Aaahh!" And quickly discovered for themselves.

Cloves: Sakura is new to Rasa Creek Farm in 2014 but it is most likely similar in physical character to other Asiatics.

Bulbils: Ditto.

Growing: Ditto.

Harvest: Ditto.

Storage: Ditto.

Pedigree: Came to us from Boundary Garlic in 2013. Boundary got theirs from Al Pickets of Eureka Farm in Ontario.