Typical Asiatic: umbels and bulbs


Allium Sativum Ophioscorodon

Asiatics are often lumped together with other "weakly bolting hardnecks," but they are apparently quite distinct as a horticultural group, more closely aligned with Glazed Purple Stripe—genetically speaking—than to other groups such as Turban and Creole. It was impossible to determine such distinctions prior to the advent of affordable genotyping equipment.

Flavor: Typically strong and full of earthy flavors that

Physical Attributes: ...

Growing Characteristics: ...

Korean Mountain
Straightforward and fresh with wasabi-like heat and a barley or wheat grass finish. Came to us in 2013 from Nicholas Peterson at Nicola Valley Produce in Merritt, BC.
Korean Red
More mild than most Asiatics. Radishy-like heat rather than wasabi-like, with a hint of salt and anise. We recommend this as as good place to start with Asiatic if you're watching your BTU intake.
Sakura's pungency comes on slow but does build and remains longer than some; with earthy, grounded qualities that remind one of the mountains of Japan.  
No one will question this one's name. A powerful, verging on belligerent, garlic with exceptional lasting quality and character.