Umbels, neck bulbils, cloves, and bulbs



Allium Sativum Sativum

Personality profile: As you would expect with a true Italian, this garlic is hot and confident. It'll dance a Tarantella across your tongue and leave you breathless. You may want to keep your daughters indoors, or at least impose a reasonable curfew.

Cloves: Averages 10-14 cloves of various sizes, from small to large, but not as large as a Porcelain. Skins are relatively tight.

Bulbils: Being a softneck, Italian does not produce a scape with bulbils, but it will often produce bulbils within the pseudostem, right near the base where it exits the ground. These can be planted with success and are fairly large.

Growing: Strong spring emergence with good tolerance for wide range of soil conditions. Avoid overwatering, however.

Harvest: Harvest earlier than most hardnecks and you'll want to be attentive to the timing, not allowing the bulb wrappers (leaves) deteriorate too far before harvest. Better to harvest too soon than too late if long storage is your aim. Also be sure to allow ample time and a proper location for curing since the tight wrappers tend to hold moisture, which promotes molding.

Storage: Will store right into spring and possibly even until you harvest the first of your Creoles. Cure it well in the fall and you'll have good hot garlic all winter long.

Pedigree: Came to us from Doug Szaba of Curly Willow Farm in the North Okanagan. This Italian has been grown in the Okanagan for decades and is well adapted to this region.